What, no MFD this season? Where to get your Wireless info in 2018

Well, obvious things first: consolidation.

HPE acquired Aruba. Ruckus got picked up by Brocade Broadcom Arris. Xirrus got snapped up by Riverbed. Motorola went to Extreme. Meru to Fortinet. Even OpenMesh went to Datto. Not that all of these guys were TFD/WFD/MFD presenters, but there is an obvious shift in power in the Wi-Fi industry. Smaller Wi-Fi companies are getting acquired by larger groups who see it as more of a feature to their company than a standout or breakthrough technology. All the shine and luster of what were once the “wicked” and groundbreaking technologies are now broken-in and assimilated with much larger organizations. The companies went from trying to prove what made them individually spectacular to being part of a much larger solution.

So where does that leave the rest of the wireless industry?

Well now that CTIA has been gobbled up by Mobile World Congress America, it seems like a great fit for 5G for now. IWCE still seems to be the conference for the nerds of the point to point microwave and LMR groups.

But what about the wireless engineers and solution builders of the world?

Hopefully we’ll see a Mobility Field Day pop-up at a later day or at the very least glimpses of Wi-Fi and wireless offerings making their way into the Network Field Day and Tech Field Day events to start. But, without companies supporting specific efforts like Mobility Field Day, independent events like InteropITX, or anything outside of their monolithic meetups like Cisco Live (and don’t get me wrong, CLUS and Atmosphere are freaking awesome, they’re just not tailored to the Wi-Fi audience) where is one to go to find out the specifics of working with WLANs? For now, it seems like it will be up to the users, partners, and distributors of the technology to be the goto source for information.



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