I’m not anti-fiber, I’m pro solution. Let’s start there.

Communities across the United States, and throughout the world, differ greatly. That’s a given. Not all of them have the same budget, politics, layout, or density of population. One solution is hardly the answer to solve any problem a municipality faces. Digital equity is no different.

If there’s one thing that a global pandemic taught us, it’s that the lack of connectivity in all of our communities is a serious issue. It stops kids from being able to attend school, attain education, and do things like break the poverty cycle. It stops adults from being able to contribute to their households by attending work, maintaining jobs, and finding creative ways to make extra money. It takes away people’s access to healthcare, education, entertainment and more, with the residual effect of creating hiccups in our workforce, tax base, and ultimately municipal funding.

Lack of connectivity has an…

I had the opportunity to attend one of the larger shows for the restaurant industry, MURTEC 2029 in Las Vegas. Over 500 executives from over 300 brands all across North America were here to take a look and share ideas about some of the latest technology in the restaurant industry. From how to better serve guests in-store to ways that restaurants can capitalize on takeout and delivery options like GrubHub and Uber eats, there was a ton of discussion to be had.

While it’s easy to concede that there is no replacement to providing the best customer service by being…

This doesn’t really have anything to do with wireless and more to do with being better at what you do. But I guess you could apply it to wireless too now that I think about it.

I learned a lot this week at a training (of all places, go figure!) While it wasn’t a training directed at me particularly, it was a training that I got to be a part of. …

There is really only one reason that wireless nerds will wake up early on a Saturday morning or be glued to their computers counting down the time to 8:00 AM Pacific tomorrow, Saturday December 15th.

Scott, thanks for the friendship and memories.

The way that I was introduced to Scott Stevens has a lot to do with urban legend, pioneering Wi-Fi networks, and good old fashioned friendship.

In or around 2004, three people were in charge of figuring out how to create a Wi-Fi network in one of the most prominent tourist areas in the western United States. With Jim Selby at the helm, Scott Stevens figuring things out, and Paul Vallesteros supporting the manufacturer, these three were cutting the path for rugged wireless outdoor deployments. Vail would never be the same.

Whether or not the Hawker was used to transport these…

This week I, like many other golf fans, will have our eyes focused on the Ryder Cup. This tournament defines the best golf team from around the world and the US is hoping to keep the Ryder Cup from taking a trip across the pond for the next 2 years.

For the past 5 years or so I’ve paid pretty close attention to an event called Tech Field Day. What started with the Wireless Field Day group has now morphed into Mobility Field Day.

I have had the great opportunity to be on both sides of the table at these events, as a delegate to ask questions, as a vendor to answer questions, and even as a customer to provide insight as a living case study.

Now that Mobility Field Day 3 is upon us, taking place September 12–14, 2018, I will be tuned in to follow the exclusive Q&A…

As a wireless networking professional all of this talk about the edge relates directly to what my day-to-day business is. More than just a theme for HPE Discover 2018, the edge is where everyone is trying to bulk up their presence. Whether it’s computing, memory, processing power, or data collection, the edge continues to be the magical frontier.

In my world though, we’ve been on the edge for a while. Figuring out ways to make communications easier by facilitating handoffs and transitions across networks, collecting analytics and data using beacons and probes, and even trying to push firewall rules and…

The UN has put out a report with the Working Group on Broadband for the most vulnerable countries. The study follows the Broadband deployments and usage for national development in four least developed countries (LDCs): Cambodia, Rwanda, Senegal and Vanuatu. This is a great effort by a ton of people and I applaud the time and work that was put into it. Thank you for sharing it with the World!

What can we learn from this in colonias and under developed parts of the United States?

I started to work through the pages on it because I’m wondering how it can give us perspective on how we are deploying broadband to some of our own counties…

Nestled in the heart of McAllen, Texas along old US highway 83 is a food truck park that houses delicacies from across the world. The work of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, local Chefs, the City, & South Texas food enthusiasts culminated in this park a few years ago. Visitors stop by for a quick bite during the week and head over to enjoy the outdoors and the park with their families on the weekends.

When Cambium Networks announced the new e700 series outdoor AP and we got our hands on one, we thought what better place to test…

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